About Me

I have been an educator, and school counselor for 32 years.  This allowed little time for outside interests. However, many years ago, I needed a couch cover for a large couch combination. Not being able to find one, I decided to make one like a pillow I found with a design I liked. So I purchased fabrics of my choice and then tried to duplicate it. I tried to make the blocks different, combining them for a throw cover. I later learned it was a log cabin pattern and I had done a sampler quilt. I also learned that you do not have to use a yardstick to draw ink lines selvage to selvage and then cut out the strips with scissors. Unfortunately, it was a HUGE quilt. (I hear you seasoned quilters chuckling, as I do myself, now that I’ve discovered the tools of the trade.)  BUT, I was hooked. I loved the fabrics, and the creative process of design.


The next 11 years, I was a part-time school psychometrist for my district. During those years I joined a quilting club, made bed quilts, read books, took workshops, and created a “stash”.  Five years ago, two of my quilting friends and I organized a smaller group of twelve that meets once a month. Each month one of the members is responsible for a topic of interest to demonstrate and we do hands on.  During this time, I began to figure out what my style is, and what speaks to me…


…And what speaks to me is NATURE.  I love the outdoors and I love photography. Before I get to work on nature-inspired quilts, I spend a good deal of time observing the subject I’ll include in my work.  I can spend hours walking through nature, taking pictures.  I take trips to special places just to do photography, but most all my photos are taken at my property while taking walks.  I especially love birds, dragonflies, and butterflies.  I have a fascination with “the tiny” things that are difficult to see by eye and I do mostly macro-photography. This is very relaxing, rewarding and fulfilling for me. This aspect of my quilt making process is as rewarding to me, as is representing them somehow in a quilt. Hopefully, my photo images and quilts will make people more appreciative of nature, and will convince people that nature and the earth need to be respected and valued.