Block by block a quilt is sewn. Block by block a community has grown.

October 2-3, 2020

DO NOT HIT ENTER after each entry or it takes you on to the confirmation page. If this happens, hit the back arrow. Use the mouse or tab to move from item to item. The number of entries is not limited, but indicate your priority in case all quilts cannot be hung. Quilts with sleeves hang easier. Please attach a 4” sleeve. Please note: all quilts must have a sleeve or we cannot hang it. Any Guild member may enter quilts, and may sponsor a quilt(s) from a person who isn’t in the Guild.

Priority number:
(1 of 6, 2 of 6, etc.)
Guild Member Name:
E-mail Address
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Quilt made by member?
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Type of Entry:
Wearable includes purses.
Decorative includes bowls, table runners, postcards, pot holders, pillows, etc.
Decorative Type:
If your entry is a decorative type you must specify what type of item it is. Examples: bowls, table runners, post cards, etc.
Quilt Height:
Measure carefully! Measure in inches from top to bottom.
Quilt Width:
Measure carefully! Measure in inches from side to side.
Quilt Title:
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Pattern Name:
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Quilt owned by:
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If the item features applique, is the applique by:
Machine Quilted:
Quilted by:
Describe your entry. Let the viewer know anything special about it such as pertinent history, why it was made (for a special occasion or recipient), and/or how it was made. This information will be displayed with the entry. Try for 70 words or less to fit in available space. Text will be edited if needed. Thank you for sharing with us all.